In 2015, on a spontaneous road trip with my wife in Arizona and Utah, our car’s GPS broke down, so we took the roads less traveled. Roads that the GPS would not guide you onto. Sometimes there was not a single human in sight for hours. There were times when it was just nature and us. So quiet that I could hear my own heartbeat. It made me realize, wow! This earth is beautiful. Since then, I have been to more places. I decided to share my journeys. Where I have been, and where I’m going to. I hope you too, can see how beautiful this earth is, so we can protect and preserve this beautiful place that we call home. My name is Kevin. I’m the developer behind Thismake.com. I love traveling and building things.

All the photos on this site are taken by me, using my very old camera, unless otherwise stated. If you want to use any pictures, just ask. 🙂

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