Road trip in Jasper

road in jasper

Noticeably less buzz and just 300km north from its big sister Banff is this placed named after the color of its mountains, Jasper. The mountains here are shorter and balder compare to the ones in Banff. The atmosphere here sends off a sleepy vibe, but if tranquil and peace is your thing then this is where you should be.

nissan jasper

I should give a shout out to Enterprise rental and this Nissan Rouge, for being such a trooper taking care of us over a 3400km drive with zero issues.

road trip in jasper

fairmont jasper

This lake is right beside the Fairmont Jasper Lodge. I better believe the color is real.

fairmont jasper

fairmont jasper

fairmont jasper

Jasper has many places that are not touched by human, this is not one of them. The Athabasca Falls has nice stairs and cross bridge built so capturing different angles shouldn’t be a problem, even rainbows, but people did die here before.

Above is Medicine Lake. This is not a regular lake. In the early summer months the rush of melted snow and ice can’t “drain” fast enough which causes a puddle here. This area can look quite different depends on the time of the year.

Canoeing in Pyramid Lake offers a much different experience. Paddling directly under the mountain makes you feel very insignificant. Two hours of paddling was quite tiring. I do not know how the fur trade people do it back in the days. One thing I discovered was, to force the wife to start paddling, just viciously shake the canoe. Fear can be a very powerful motivator.

Jasper has some of the most beautiful stars. Here is the story of the picture below: we drove out to some field in the middle of the night. It was pitch dark. In order for me to shoot the stars, I put the tripod on top of the car and stood outside waiting for the exposure. I turned off anything that can emit light. I couldn’t even see my own fingers. All of a sudden I heard some noise. I thought it was my wife opening a bag of chips in the car, so I asked her to stop. She said it wasn’t her. At the same time the noise seemed to be very close to me. I freaked out, thought it was a wolf or a bear. I grabbed my camera and blindly jumped into the car and locked all the doors. After I started the car, it turned out that was a deer…

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