my favorite lake – peyto lake

Su told me there is this lake that’s worth seeing. After so many beautiful places my left mind says “there can’t be another lake that can impress me anymore” but my right mind says “give it a chance”. I dragged my legs into the car and drove us to a place she pointed on the map.

From where we parked, the walk to the viewpoint normally supposed to be just 10 minutes. However, due to the sun beating on the snow creating an extremely slippery and difficult path, 10 turned into 30. During the entire walk I questioned if this is even worth it…

then, the lake that I almost didn’t want to go became my favorite lake. Just like that.

Flipping through the images I took in my Mac, it just happened that the two pictures actually show the complete lake. There’s Peyto Lake’s signature little fox.

The color of the lake is a jaw dropping crisp blue. Here I took out my bottle of Glacier Freeze flavor Gatorade. Now I know where Gatorade makes this particular flavored drink. I took a sip of the drink right there and then. It’s sweet, and I’m going to assume that’s how Peyto Lake’s water tastes. If you’ve seen my post on Crater Lake, in comparison, this is not the bluest water, but Peyto Lake’s color is more picturesquely amazing.

From this experience, I learned two things:
1. If the wife suggests something, do it.
2. Give everything a chance.
Because of this, I found my favorite lake 🙂

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