Hell’s Gate, BC

If you look at the map, you’ll see that the quickest route from Vancouver to Kamloops is via highway 5, but as usual, we didn’t take the faster route. Instead, we took the slower highway 1. Somewhere in between the mountain ranges, our asses got sore from hours of driving, and it happened that we stopped at this hidden place called Hell’s Gate.

This place can easily be missed when you drive along this stretch of highway 1 because, well, it’s built under a canyon. It’s quite remarkable how they built an air tram going down a 160-meter¬†verticle drop to a little tiny village that someone decided to establish at this awkward location a hundred years ago.

The tram took less than 10 minutes to go down, but it was the steepest (50% incline) I have been on this type of rides.

This place is called the Hell’s Gate because of the loud noise the river makes due to a sudden narrowing in its path. When I first saw the sign I thought this would be some kind of horror location deep in the mountains. Good thing it was just… water.

Whoever designed the pedestrian bridge wanted to seek more thrill by not giving us a solid floor! You can definitely¬†feel the power of the water from underneath. Throughout the whole time I kept on telling myself “don’t drop the car key”.

Is this place worth stopping by? I think so. Although there wasn’t a whole lot to do once getting down to the bottom, the tram ride alone was a scene on its own. We then wandered around to the nearby rail road before an eerie feeling hit us, which brought another flavor of the Hell’s Gate.


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