Bruce Peninsula

We went to Bruce Peninsula on the August long weekend. Because Bruce Peninsula National Park is only 3.5 hours drive from Canada’s largest population center, all the easily accessible areas were packed with people. Booking a hotel in the town of Tobermory should be done early, which we did, 6 months in advance.

Despite the surge in tourists on long weekends, there are still plenty of places where peace and tranquil can be found. The key is to be willing to hike through some relatively difficult terrains where most people rather not to.

We stayed in the area for two days. On our first day, there was a restriction on how many people can enter the main gate to Grotto, so we went to Little Cove and Halfway Log Dump (yeah, weird name) instead.

Little Cove:

Trekking through some sharp rocks and cold water is a world of blue sky and extremely clear water of Lake Huron.

It was a nice August weather but the water fooled me thinking that it was alright. It actually was really cold!

We came prepared carrying slippers which came to good use. There I was trying to figure out where we were.

Where there is no easy path there is no large crowd. This is what keeps the majority of tourists away from contaminating some of the beauty. There were, however, a few brave souls who would do whatever it takes to peek at a different view, us included, to a certain degree.

Here at the Little Cove beach where not much effort is required to get to, tourists swarm like ants…

Halfway Log Dump:

Up until this day I still couldn’t figure out why this placed is named “Halfway Log Dump”. I saw no log, and nothing to dump. Despite its creative name, the color of this place, for some reason, made me really thirsty.

The beach is a marble white full of emu-egg-sized rocks with very few tourists. It’s actually quite difficult to walk on those.

With just a 30-minute treacherous hike is a completely different scene. Layers of white earth of the Niagara Escarpment drops into the crystal clear water of Lake Huron.

The Grotto:

The next morning we woke up at 5am just so we could get to the Grotto early.

It’s nice to come here early, before the crowd hits. We got a moment to enjoy the echo of this place along with a few frigid water swimmers.

Above: there I was trying to find the best spot to take a shot.
Below: there was Su getting tired of waiting for me to take a shot.

Then the crowd of tourists found this place… because this is relatively easy to access…

After some hike in the woods, we found a really quiet place. It would be a shame coming here with water this clear and not have a swim, so I took a dip and couldn’t do much more because the water was really cold.

Flowerpot Island:

To get to Flowerpot Island, you’d have to take a boat, like this one. The rockiness of the boat along with the water in the face make everyone look miserable.

The boat takes you to see some sunken ship before heading to Flowerpot Island. See it?

The island is named Flowerpot Island because of this large piece of boulder that’s shaped like a flower pot. I never had a flower pot that looks like this, but ok…

I have always thought of Ontario as an alright place. It has never struck me as having extraordinarily beautiful places; places that would “wow” me. Bruce Peninsula proved me wrong. Its uniquely white rock formations and mind blowing clean clear water presents a different flavor of natural beauty. For those who are thinking to give this place a visit, take these two tips and you will be rewarded with much wow:
1. Avoid coming here during holidays/long weekends in the summer.
2. Take the harder paths.

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