Garden and wharf – Victoria, BC

Situated on the southernmost tip of Vancouver Island, Victoria the city, by itself is not that interesting, but its surrounding has some rather beautiful places.

For the masses, the usual way to get to Victoria is by ferry. A two hour giant boat ride that appears chaotic but actually intricately choreographed.

Call it a ferry is almost an understatement. It’s massive. Almost like a cruise ship. Two levels of it are dedicated for hauling cars and trucks. The other two levels above the car decks are for non-metal cargo (a.k.a human passengers).

You’d imagine the food on a 2 hour ferry ride is not any good, but to my surprise, I had the best tasting Wild Salmon Burger in my life! Who says a burger has to be with beef. This is beautiful British Columbia, bring on the salmon!

Butchart Gardens is the must visit place on Vancouver Island. 15 years ago I visited this place for the first time. A decade and a half later, I’m still as impressed with the grooming as last time. For about $35 per person to enter, the price is a little steep for a garden, but once you are in, you’ll soon understand the foundation to maintain a place like this is cash, loads of cash. You will also forget about the money when you are mesmerized with the impressive beauty. Nature cannot be any more artificial than this!

Butchart Gardens attracts a special group of visitors: seniors. Go figure why…

There is a tree in Butchart Gardens called Monkey Puzzle tree. Yes, it certainly looks like monkey puzzles…

We took a stroll in downtown Victoria. There really wasn’t much to do so we hopped in the car and drove to Fisherman’s Wharf. Colorful floating houses were abundant and above-average seafood was everywhere.

Where would the in-laws stay when they come over? The owner of this house had it all figured out…

Despite being the provincial capital of British Columbia, the city itself in its core is not worth a special trip across the Strait of Georgia. “Shopping centers” here have few stores, and the streets are just populated with average bars and ordinary souvenir shops. Chinese international students roam the streets of Victoria probably have the money but not the grades to attend top tier schools elsewhere. Whale watching stands are a welcome sight but for a 4 hour ride they can’t guarantee you that you’ll see anything. All that being said, the beauty of Butchart Gardens is lovely and probably worth the price, and the colors of the Fisherman’s Wharf floating houses being an interesting perspective. The ferry ride to and from is very comfortable, and the trees on the street in Victoria is also very fluffy and cute.

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