Wind chimes and sea lions – San Diego

This pretty much summarizes San Diego in one picture: colorful culture and beautiful weather.

San Diego is my favorite city in the entire world. There are many, many places/things in San Diego that I love. Follow me into two of my favorites…

Old Town

There seems to always be a party going on in Old Town. It’s like a world of no work, always eat, and music all day. Is this Mexican living? If so, I want to be a Mexican. This place has hot sauce so hot that give instant stomach ache and cactus so big that look like it wants to kill people. The souvenir shop owners here think everyone is here to steal, and the Mexican food here is extremely delicious. Well, yea of course, just 30 minutes away from real Mexico.

There is a shop in Old Town that’s mythical. Thousands of wind chime hanging in the court yard. They are for sale, but deciding on which one to buy, that takes extreme decision making abilities. This place is the El Centro Artesano.

Ok, since Donald Trump is now the president, we should move on from all this Mexican stuff.

La Jolla Cove

Do you like sea lions? I do. They are chubby lazy little creatures that don’t do much except making a lot of noises all the time and stink bomb the area. I’m not sure who originally named them sea “lions”. When I think of lions I think of scary predators, but these… these are more like sea fats. La Jolla Cove is a good place to tread the sand and get up close with them.

Why is my body twisted weirdly you may ask? Well, I wanted to get close to the sea lions, but they smell really bad, and they spit out stuff. This is probably as close to them as I will get.

San Diego is so much more than just chimes and lions. Here is extra footage of the first aircraft carrier that I’ve been on (and the only).

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