shift gear – Canon 50D to Nikon D750

Some of you may be wondering what camera I use to shoot all the blog pictures. Aside from cellphones, it has been my Canon 50D. Let me first give a shout out to the folks at Canon for building the rock solid 50D. It has been with me to 3 continents, observed 8 winters, seen me gone through school, job and getting a wife; snow, desert, mountain, ocean, volcano and even a hot air balloon ride. After a lot of consideration and research for my needs, I have decided to shift gear to a Nikon D750.

Why I switched to Nikon D750?

  • First and foremost it has a full frame sensor which offers better clarity and optical coverage. Now my pictures won’t be cropped out.
  • It has higher dynamic range which means the pictures coming out will be more vivid and has higher contrast.
  • It offers much higher ISO compare to my Canon 50D. This means I won’t regrettably miss any of the star shots.
  • Since I take my camera to everywhere that I travel to, size and weight are also important factors. The Nikon D750 is relatively light weight and small in size although it still weights and takes as much room as a new born baby.
  • The white balance options in the Nikon D750 are also very good. It allows me to adjust my shots to the correct warmth, or coolness.
  • The tilting screen on the D750 is also a welcome feature as it will allow me to take shots at weird angles without breaking my back.

Since I don’t photoshop any of my pictures, what you see is what I see, so a better camera is important. There are photographers who show stunning photoshop’ed scenery pictures but when you actually go to the location it becomes a disappointment. I want my pictures to have truthful representation of the beauty of this earth.

Unlike many people that photograph for a living, this is not my main job, so I don’t have a collection of lenses. This allows me to easily jump ship to another camera brand.

Yes, I had to put both cameras on my shelf to take these pictures using my cellphone. And no, I don’t display my cameras. They get on a horse back(figuratively on a horse back, not literally. I don’t have a horse, unfortunately) and travel with me to beautiful places on earth.

What I still miss about the Canon?

  • Ergonomically, the Canon has a better feel. Thicker handle is easier to grab, and the shutter button is nicely placed.
  • All the buttons are more crisp when clicked unlike the spongy feeling on the Nikon.
  • and the third point…? No, that’s it. The Nikon D750 with the 24-120mm kit lens is vastly more superior than my 8 year old Canon 50D. (Does camera years work the same way as dog years?)

Because the Canon is attached with 18-200mm lens, it’s very versatile. I never had to change lens (also because I only have one lens). The wide range allows me to cover many different scenarios.

The Nikon comes with a 24-120mm lens, but because it is a full frame camera, it covers even more than the Canon 18-200mm at the wider end. Let’s hope the Nikon can take as much beating as my Canon did in the past 8 years.

I never liked the big white Nikon logo that sort of has the “in your face” feeling, so I covered it up. Now it looks ghetto? I think so.

I hope with the Nikon D750 I will be able to deliver you with even higher quality pictures. As stated in my About page, this blog’s purpose is to bring awareness of how beautiful and special our earth really is, so we can together do a better job on protecting and preserving this place we call home.

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