Cloudy with a chance of extraordinary Highway 1

You’ve heard of Highway 1. Everyone has heard of Highway 1. Even my mom who seldom travels has heard of Highway 1. Seeing Highway 1 in person however, that is extraordinary.

It’s not so much that Highway 1 itself is interesting. After all it’s just a piece of two lane road. Because where it’s situated and what’s along the way that make Highway 1 such a beautiful road to drive on.

How about passing by the Bixby Creek Bridge area? All that fog and cliff gives the feeling of a start of some mystery movie scene.

bixby creek bridge

Standing in front of the Pacific Ocean and telling my wife I can see Japan even though I see absolutely nothing but water.

and those big rocks…

and the beaches…

and I have no idea where this is…

There’s Point Lobos State Park along the way.

The cliff rocks show amazing detail along with the deep blue water.

There is the Pebble Beach golf course right beside the ocean. How cool is that?

and this Lonely Tree which the Pebble Beach Company deemed as their logo.

There’s also me peeking at the wave coming at me. It’s quite windy so I don’t understand who in the right mind would set up a golf course here.

The Pfeiffer State Park has one of the most fictional beaches I have seen so far. Look at this little protected cove. Look at that little waterfall! If I were Tom Hanks in “Cast Away” I would choose to be drifted to here and set up a permanent shelter and never hope to be rescued back to civilization.

How about some selfie and a lunch looking out to the Pacific?

Sea lions are everywhere! You can smell them from miles away! Don’t let their cushiony appearance fool you. They smell really bad.

When the sun does decide to come out, driving on Highway 1 becomes even more of a stunning experience.

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