Absolutely Beautiful Yosemite


There is a reason Apple named two of their operating systems after this place. Until you’ve been here, you won’t know why.

A beautiful place usually has some combinations of these: mountain, waterfall, river, trees and beautiful sky. Yosemite has them all!

On top of all this, how about a side order of some rainbow? Yes please.

Bear! 50 meters from us! (or less than 200 feet for those that can’t do unit conversion.)

Wildlife is abundant and live harmoniously with visitors.

The most amazing experience for me is sitting right in the smack middle of this lower stream running from a waterfall in the not-so-far distance. Because the water comes from melted ice and snow high above the mountains, it is really cold, but the warmth of the sun balance it out once the feet are out of the water. What you don’t see in the pictures is shiny sparkling stuff: gold! Yes, this place has gold! Fortunately the gold dust aren’t significant enough to be mined. I say fortunately because this discourages gold diggers (real gold diggers, not the kind that mine rich men) coming here and destroy the beauty.

Now let’s get closer to the falls…

The day winds down with a beautiful sunset looking out from Glacier Point.

I have never seen so many stars in the night sky than the ones at Yosemite. Joshua Tree night sky comes at a close second. What is this black picture with a bunch of dots you might ask? Looking up, this is what the naked eyes see. Click on it. Enlarge it.

To end the note, I want to give my deep gratitude to the amazing park rangers and the US Department of Interior for keeping this place (and all the other national parks) so beautiful and visitors safe from all the fuzzy little creatures.

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