Redwood National Park and Avenue of the Giants

This earth was definitely once roamed by giants.


The border between Oregon and California was deserted. It had an eerie feeling. The roads that cut through the forests were soulless. Cars driving by were such a rare occurrence that I could step onto the road and walk for as long as my heart’s desire.



Crossing into California and into the Redwood National Park where parts of Jurassic Park and Star Wars once existed.




Between Dinosaurs and AT-AT Walkers, there were trees with hollow centers big enough that I claimed several as my permanent residences.


I thought the trees at Redwood were big enough to make it my home. The surprise though, came after driving along the dried Eel River. Whatever that used to run through here was almost completely drained. I could walk directly to the other side, but it had turned into a wind tunnel. I would get blown away and just keep on rolling and rolling…


There was this place called the Avenue of the Giants. Indeed, it was the avenue for the giants.



The trees here were bigger… a lot bigger.



This one I could stuff my wife in the middle. For those husbands that have nagging wives, you could use this to ship/float your significant other across the Pacific. Good thing mine isn’t.


This one, Immortal Tree, the sign says:

Ancient Redwood – Age 950-1000 Years.
Original height 298 ft Current height 248 ft.
Survived lightning which removed its top, loggers axe & forest fire in 1908, flood of 1964.
Trunk diameter is 14.5 ft. top diameter is 3 ft.
Total volume board footage is 104,380…
Enough to build several homes.
Please Do Not Climb Tree. Thank you!

What an unfortunate tree.


Another proof that giants used to live here: all the destructions. They must have been fighting here. Maybe for who gets the most wood.




Since I claimed several trees as my permanent residences at Redwood National Park, here, I found my matching car garage.


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