Lukewarm with San Francisco

It was my first time going to San Francisco and I had high expectations. For someone who is in tech (pointing to yours truly), San Francisco is like the Mecca of tech. However, when I got there I was somewhat disappointed.

Let’s talk about weather. I was there in July. Supposedly a nice time of the year anywhere in the Northern Hemisphere. The sky was foggy and cloudy for large portions of the day. Yes, I was warned about the San Francisco fog. Every picture turned out bleh, to the point that I stopped bother carrying my camera and opted for cellphone instead. It was also chilly. The wind made it worse.


It was too cold to dip into the waters at Baker Beach in July. The best we could do was take off our shoes and imagine nice warm sea water touching our feet.



Let’s talk about crime. Between Baker Beach and Palace of Fine Arts, we saw two separate incidents which car windows were smashed and items stolen. We were there for 3 days, what were the chances of us seeing that, twice! It was almost ironic that Alcatraz (pictured below) was turned into a tourist attraction.



Let’s talk about housing. When the sun did come out the houses that I saw looked dated. Houses on the famous Lombard street were alright but surrounding areas looked poorly maintained. This popular Lombard street was packed with tourists and cars lining up to go through the bendy road just to take pictures. I too joined the crowd. Don’t get me wrong, there were nice houses. I mean, it’s San Francisco. People that looked like hobos were probably billionaire techies living in million dollar houses. However, general impression with most of the houses was poor, not to mention they are probably quite expensive, as I heard.


San Francisco, when the sun comes out, it’s like a sub-par-looking girl who’s really good at putting on make up. It still has the wow factor. Thieves aside, the Palace of Fine Art was exquisite. Pier 39 was magnificent, and the people of San Francisco was richly amiable.

Uh oh, I might have just gotten some heat over my candid expression of San Francisco. Maybe my expectation with the land of holy grail of tech was too high. Like any other major metropolitans in North America, San Francisco wasn’t that special. Maybe when I live here my opinion will change, but for now, meh.

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