Crater Lake – the bluest water

When we were kids, our parents told us the sky is blue and water is blue, and that’s the color of crayon we chose to draw these. When we became adults, we realized however, that in reality sky is gray-ish and water is green-ish. Until I saw Crater Lake… My gosh the water was blue! I’d imagine if you flip through the Oxford dictionary and look up the word “blue”, this is your definition.

As a side note, none of these pictures I took were photoshopped. No I did not purposely make the picture look more blue just so I have a story to tell. These pictures represent what I saw through my lens.


Somewhere in the middle of nowhere, in the woods of Oregon, lies this beautiful body of sharp blue water on top of a dead volcano. Here it is, far from civilization.


Due to the depth of the volcano, the water appears extremely blue and calm. The color of the water put the color of the sky in shame.



Driving around the perimeter at parts were very dangerous. I could either slip into the lake or roll downhill on the other side (well, not quite, but let me believe that’s how dangerous it was just like in cartoons).



and yes, it was once a mountain, but on this earth long ago, the top got blown off. Ouch.




Having the opportunity to see a place this beautiful really made me reaffirm that my elementary school art teacher was right, “just pick up that damn bluest crayon and color the lake blue instead of the lighter shade”.

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