Climbing Mount Rainier


Few things on this earth are as adventurous and exciting as picking up a rental car in Seattle and drive to Mount Rainier. That’s exactly what we did.


Can be seen clearly from hundreds of miles away, it is the highest mountain in the state of Washington. Looked like a giant scoop of vanilla ice-cream, it is also a volcano. A lava filled ice cream cake, I suppose.

We were lucky to have such a beautiful weather. Consider it was Seattle, a place that gets rained on 8 months of the year, and cloudy for the other 4.




As we drove closer to the mountain, the terrain visibly demonstrated the ice once washed down from the top and it was summer! Yet we were heading to the opposite of summer, to ice and snow.


The trek was exhausting through very cold, slushy and slippery snow. It wasn’t very cold up there. As a Canadian, you never want to admit that you are cold. However, the UV was intense. If I were a cake, the amount of sun screen I put on myself would be the thick layer of icing.

At around 6200 feet looking back where we came from. I don’t want to lie. I don’t want to sound like we actually climbed that high. The parking lot was already situated at around 4500 feet, haha.




Not everything was covered in snow. The spots that had no trees saw more sunlight through the summer. So yes, you smarty pants, these are the spots where it had no snow.





We made it to as far up as 7000 feet-ish, or at least that was what my GPS watch told me. It felt very close to the top I could almost touch it, but from this point to the peak it would take at least another day and would require more serious gears.


We found a big rock that was warmed up by the sun so we used it to warm up our feet. As Asians, this moment warranted for a selfie.


…and nothing beats having a breakfast yogurt in the mountains while still with bed hair.



Leaving Mt.Rainier having a quick photo together 🙂




Passing by Mount Rainier’s mirror, A.K.A Reflection Lake.


We spent the night in this very creepy cabin. The entire night as I was laying in bed I was hoping my trip would not happen like the movie “Cabin in the Woods”.



Ladies, if you want to have a good place to work on toning up your ass and upper thigh, climbing Mt.Rainier (or at least climbing partially) is definitely the way to go. Not only that it beats going on an elliptical you will also have a spectacular view! Just be prepared this won’t be a day trip. You’ll probably have to find a creepy little place to stay the night. So how was this experience? As MasterCard usually ends their commercial, “Money can’t buy.”


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