Unplanned drive through Zion National Park

Because our GPS broke down, we relied on manual navigation. That meant we were crazy enough to choose a shortcut that was barely a visible line on the map; also known as Utah State Route 9. Oh boy did I not regret (or regret) that decision. We didn’t know that route cut through Zion National Park. I did not regret taken Route 9 because Zion National Park was a magnificent place on earth with true beauty. I regret because if I had known, I would have planned a more detailed trip there.

It was winter so it had some snow on the ground. When the sun was up, most of it melted away. The air was a cool breeze so refreshing that it was like chewing on a pack of Excel gum.



Because it was unplanned, we did not venture on foot. However, the drive within the mountains was already an experience enough for me to appreciate the beauty.



The mountains were so close and so big that it was almost intimidating.




But Zion also had its mellow side, even in the winter…


Zion National Park is definitely on my list to visit again. Next time, hopefully, that I will get to experience more of this beautiful place.

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