Lower Antelope Canyon hike

If you have read my post about Upper Antelope Canyon tour you will see that the Lower Antelope Canyon has the same mystical feeling. However, the Lower Antelope Canyon is more amazing and adventurous due to the many different rock formations and that it is underground through some big cracks.

It began with a 15 minute hike in the deceivingly flat desert. All of a sudden we got to a big pit in the earth and that was the de facto entrance to the Lower Antelope Canyon. It looked like a hot and dry place but since it was winter, it still warrant for a jacket. I think winter is the best time to visit because there are less tourists and the weather is safer. Our tour guide told us that about a dozen people have lost their lives in the Lower Antelope Canyon due to flash floods. July, August and September are the most dangerous. Thunderstorms can come without warning, triggering flash floods that trap people down below.

arizona desert

arizon desert

lower antelope canyon tour

The “pit” quickly leads to a man made staircase that is narrow and steep falling about a hundred feet below.

lower antelope canyon tour

From the bottom looking up to see amazing sunlight bouncing off the walls.

lower antelope canyon

lower antelope canyon

antelope canyon

lower antelope canyon tour

Do you see the “Lady in the wind”?

lower antelope canyon lady in the wind

Do you see the “shark”?

lower antelope canyon shark

Do you see the “eagle”?

lower antelope canyon

Do you see the “Chief’s head”?

The entire guided tour took over an hour. At the end, we found ourselves exiting through the cracks of the earth as if we were bugs living underground.

earth crack

men emerging from earth crack

Both the Upper and Lower Antelope Canyon are beautiful places to visit. For me, the Lower Antelope Canyon is the favorite out of the two. It was a different experience navigating under the earth through narrow but interesting cracks. Perhaps if we were insects, that would be how it would feel in this magical place.

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