Desert View

grand canyon desert view

If you visit Grand Canyon National Park, you must visit Desert View. Situated at the far east of the Grand Canyon, the Desert View Watchtower is the highest view point on the south side. About 45min drive from the South Rim Visitor Center is what it takes to get there. From the South Rim Visitor Center, you can barely see the watchtower peeking high on the horizon. You know it had to be a special place when it’s a lonely tower standing on the edge of a cliff.

grand canyon desert view

grand canyon desert view

It was a beautiful scenic route driving from the South Rim Visitor Center. Along the way there were different angles to see the Grand Canyon. The watchtower appears to get bigger and bigger as we stopped at every scenic point on the way.

I was amazed at how the Indians (no, not the ones you call for tech support, but the ones with feather on their heads), built this tower brick by brick, under high winds.

The wind was strong at the top. Since it was December that we went, it was COLD! The wind just made everything much worse. The view, however, was out of this world. Standing on top of the tower, to the left was Grand Canyon. To the right, was Navajo Native Reserve. It was basically a vast plain of… nothing-ness.

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